Friday, June 28, 2019

While Taking A Break From The Virtual World, I Found Myself Needing A Break From The Real World

I was determined to take a break from the virtual world over the next 5 days. Lisa took a few staycation days. You can read about that here and here. However. I needed a break from the real world and that had everything to do with the contents of my wardrobe and self-checkout.

For starters, I couldn't care less about fashion and makeup. I wear what is comfortable. I hate shoes. I hate socks. I don't wear much jewelry. The only makeup I wear is lip gloss and nail polish.

As a Work at Home Dog Mom and DIY enthusiast, I wear clothes that are usually stained with primer and paint. That way, I don't have to be cautious about getting additional primer and paint on my clothing.

In my defense, I do have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are presentable when attending a cookout or backyard fire within our neighborhood tribe.

This week, I found myself in a bit of a predicament.

Tomorrow, we are hosting a backyard party for Lisa's employees to thank them for their hard work and dedication before Lisa transitions to her new department.

I didn't want to wear my usual garb.

I wanted something a little more presentable.

Last night, after a grueling 4 hours of replacing floor tile and ceiling tile, we took a trip to a couple of retail locations.

At one location, I found a gorgeous skirt. It was love at first sight. My size. Fit perfect. It matched up with my mock neck sleeveless shirt and paper thin, short-sleeved summer sweater.

We had a few items to pick up at the other retail location. While browsing the aisles, I found another skirt. I fell in love with the print, but it was over 2 sizes too big. But. I know how to alter. It was a simple fix. I threw it in our cart.

I was doing great until we attempted to locate a checkout lane.

It had been a while since I frequented this retail location. I had seen many, many posts about this on my social media streams of this particular retail location converting to utilizing self-checkout.

In other words, less and less checkout lanes with human employees and more and more self-checkout lanes.

This retail location was packed.

Only 2 lines opened with actual checkout clerks. Both of the lines had at least 5 people ahead of us with full carts.

The rest...


Our cart was about 75% filled.

Neither one of us felt like standing in line for 2 hours.

I got really, really irritated.

We found an empty self-checkout lane and Lisa proceeded to scan and bag our items.

Meanwhile, 2 employees were standing there chatting and laughing.

This is when I lost my shit.

Here we were. Scanning our items. Bagging them. Paying full price.


Paid employees were watching us while socializing and laughing.

Not. Okay.

Lisa and I were both hot, sweaty, tired, and had spent the majority of the day catching up on projects around our home and other work.

It was a bit late.

I was not in the least bit amused.

I knew that today was going to be non-stop work because of all the prep for Lisa's party tomorrow.

I wasn't in the mood.

Lisa handed me the keys and gently said it was okay to head to our vehicle.

And, I'm fairly certain Lisa was secretly begging for me to take her up on that offer.

I didn't.

I kept making comments to the 2 young female employees who stood there socializing and joking around. On the clock. Getting paid while we did THEIR job.


We had one more retail location to visit on our list. Closer to home. Between Point A and Point B, Lisa said she'd be more than happy to run that errand today.

I'm sure she was relieved when I agreed.

We got up early this morning to prep for the backyard employee party tomorrow. You can bet I enjoyed one of my favorite beverages during the afternoon hours.

As quoted from my personal Facebook wall...

I've been in the kitchens since 9 a.m. with my wife, the best Sous-Chef ever, prepping scrumptious food for our backyard party tomorrow. The savory foods are done! Now, it's time to transition over to the sweet treats! That transition included making a pomegranate lemonade with fresh blueberries and cherries. And, maybe a shot of....???? LOL! It's time to get my bake on!

In addition to baking my homemade chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cheesecake cookies, I made beautiful cupcakes for a special lady who will be celebrating birthday number 82 tomorrow. And, for our backyard party.

With that being said...

It's time to get a little sleep.

We've got a fun day planned for tomorrow.

I have something pretty to wear.


Lisa knows to never take me to a retail location that's determined to fully convert to self-checkout again.

That. Is. All.

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