Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Will See You Next Week!

I've mentioned a couple of times that I gave a makeover to several pieces in our home. During the hustle and bustle over the weekend and the past couple of days before our little Dog Mom staycation, I only took "before and after" photos of this one piece.

This is the "before" photo. We purchased this piece a few years ago at one of our favorite flea markets. It's old. Possibly an antique. A storage bin for potatoes and other root vegetables. The cupboard at the bottom has an aged copper square. 

This piece has resided in our kitchen since the day we purchased it. I've told myself over and over and over that I was going to give it a makeover. It had charm, but it was a bit dingy.

Over the weekend, it was one of the 3 pieces that made its way to the table in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

I loved the original color so I matched the new paint with the old. I took the shade down a notch or 2 so it's a bit darker.

With much patience, I managed to get the copper piece out of the framing. I cleaned it up and gave it a generous coat of Kilz Primer.

Lisa and I both agreed that the copper piece should be painted in a contrasting color. Our kitchen has a myriad of colors.

And, it should be dog themed.

So, that's exactly what happened.

I nailed the bottom cupboard shut because we'll never use it for storage. It's a decor piece.

The colors fit into our whacky kitchen theme.

On that note...

Today is Tuesday.

Lisa has the next few days off in addition to the weekend.

We've got a few things planned and lots of projects to catch up on.

I'm going to be off the grid for most of the next 5 days.

As quoted from my personal Facebook wall...

My wife took a few vacation days this week starting tomorrow. In addition to enjoying lots of family time with the kids, we have some staycation plans.

Tomorrow, we're taking a very special lady out to her favorite shopping location and restaurant to celebrate her upcoming 85th birthday. We call her Sweet Mama because she "adopted" us as her daughters. She's a wild one...just like us.

On Thursday, we're hanging out with one of the coolest kids we know for some Summer fun. A grilled lunch, pool time, water gun challenges, backyard games, and ice cream cones. Lisa and I are big kids at heart.

Friday, we're prepping for a spectacular backyard party on Saturday for some very hardworking and dedicated people in Lisa's department and...making cupcakes for another very special lady who is celebrating her birthday.

As busy Dog Moms, our vacations are always staycations. We are so grateful to be surrounded by neighbors who have become family. We don't need to travel far from our home to have fun and make memories. Our home and neighborhood tribe is our happy place.


I'll see you next week!

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