Thursday, October 4, 2018

When You Slow Down A Bit, Great Stuff Happens...

A couple of weeks ago, we made the decision for me to take last week off to conquer everything on my non-work stuff Bodacious To-Do List. Unfortunately, I got a bad case of strep throat accompanied by a sinus and ear infection. It knocked me on my ass for several days. I postponed tackling my list to this week. I've gotten a considerable amount of stuff done. I have more to do. But...

This week wasn't just about my Bodacious To-Do List.

It was about slowing down a bit and taking notice to the daily tidbits I tend to overlook because I'm busy with Work at Home Dog Mom stuff, the kids, the interminable amount of time I spend in the kitchen cooking and baking, and everything else.

Throughout the week, I did slow down a bit. I sat outside on the front porch longer than I usually do. I spent more time on the floor, bed, and sofa with our kids. I sat at the table and sipped coffee or an occasional glass of wine without any digital interruptions. I spent a little more time behind the lens.

When I allowed myself to do that, a lot of great stuff happened.

More perspective...

1. Let go of things that are weighing you down. This could be anything from commitments and expectations to holding grudges and concerning yourself with things that are none of your business. Let it go.

2. Take a few steps back. It's hard to see the big picture if you're standing nose to nose with the screen. When you're on the outside looking in, you'll get the entire panoramic view of a situation.

3. Embrace those who feed your soul. If you plan something and you're not looking forward to it or it's more of a stress factor in your life, there's a reason. When you embrace the ones who feed your soul, you look forward to their presence.

4. Distance yourself from the rest of the bullshit. That would be the stress factors. Maybe it's a person or multiple people. Or, maybe it's what happens when certain people get together.

5. If people judge, so be it. You can't please everyone. There will always be those who find fault in everything you do or don't do. And, they'll gossip behind your back. Let them.

6. If you have to initiate all of the time, then you need to step back. Reevaluate the relationship or situation. If people want to spend time with you, they'll reach out. If that's something you're doing every single time, well...

7. Have a conversation with someone decades younger and older than you. You may just learn a thing or two. It doesn't matter how old you are, the process of learning is a lifelong thing.

8. Spontaneity is wonderful. Not everything has to be planned. Not everything has to happen on the weekend. Make a big meal during the week and share with a few of your favorite humans. Bake something to share with your neighbor friends. Escape for a few hours to have a little fun. Visit your favorite apple orchard earlier than you normally do.

The week isn't over yet...

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