Wednesday, October 3, 2018

All Of Our Kids Love Their New DIY Dog Bed

When we tackled a few home renovations and our Big Bodacious Painting Project in May, we switched a couple of rooms around. We moved our bedroom to the middle room where our Bodacious Biscuit Love room was. The room that was our bedroom is now the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop. Since then, the only thing that has been missing from that room is a doggy bed for our kids.

Prior to today, that was the only room that didn't have a DIY Doggy Bed. To make do, if I was in the workshop, I'd move the kitchen doggy bed to the workshop so the kids could comfortably hang out with me.

One of the items on my non-work stuff Bodacious To-Do List was to finish the DIY Dog Bed for the workshop. Lisa had already constructed the bed and primed and painted it.

Today, in addition to making the plaque for the front of the DIY Dog Bed, I made the mattress and blanket. It took up most of the afternoon, but it was well worth it.

Total. Work. At. Home. Dog. Mom. Pride. Moment.

Usually, when we make DIY dog beds or any other comfort zone areas for our kids, it takes them a day or so to sniff it out, adjust, and try it out.

Today, that changed.

After taking a few photos, I put the new DIY Dog Bed in the workshop. Lobo sniffed it. Willa got right in, curled up, and fell asleep. About a half hour later, Lobo joined her.

During the late afternoon hours, after Lisa arrived home from work, Coco and Sophie curled up on the new DIY Dog Bed.

Unfortunately, during these times, Lisa and I both didn't have our phones or camera nearby to snap a photo. 

Needless to say, the new DIY Dog Bed is a huge hit.

All of the kids love it.

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