Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rest And Recovery Day Four - I Am Going To Embrace The Chaos Of This Coming Week

Yep. The Laryngitis has set in. Between all of the coughing and praying to the porcelain goddess, I'm not surprised. My body from the waist up hurts. I am completely fatigued. Lisa stayed home today to take care of me. I think she's worried. She's never seen me this sick. The last time I got this sick was about a decade ago. I'm not too worried. I know this is the effects of not taking any over the counter medicine because I don't want the sludge to settle.

So far, so good.

I spent all day on the sofa. I napped several times. Not for long periods of time, but more than I ever have in a single day. Lisa kept herself busy with housework. When it got cloudy this afternoon, she planted the flowers in the front yard.

During one of her breaks, she sat in the rocking chair while eating a Greek yogurt. I was awake. On the sofa. Covered up. Three of the kids were snuggling with me. Lisa broke the silence.

"I'm surprised you haven't watched Netflix at all this week. You mentioned a few movies and series you wanted to see."

"I took your advice and used this week to just think about stuff." 

"Oh, yeah. And?"

"You were right. I needed to. I think this was the Universe's way of slowing me down so I could put things into perspective and refocus. I needed this downtime."

"You seem more relaxed. When you get your voice back, you'll have to fill me in. We'll be painting all next week so there will be ample time to chat."

I wanted to crack a joke when Lisa mentioned that I seemed more relaxed. I've pretty much done nothing all week and I slept most of today. Who wouldn't be relaxed after that, right? But, instead, I agreed with her.

I feel more relaxed. I've asked myself the tough questions. I answered them honestly. Very. Very. Honestly. I cried a lot. At times, I got angry with myself because of those honest answers.

Although I'm much too tired to share some stuff right now, I will fill you in on one thing.

I'm going to embrace the chaos that goes along with Our Big Bodacious Painting Project. Our home will get messy. Furniture and decor will be all over the place. We'll probably be living off grinders and grilled hamburgers most of the week. The kids will be going nuts. A lot of the wall decor will be switched around. I'll have a small list of stuff that I'll want to repurpose afterward. We're considering moving the bedroom to the middle room. We'll also be taking care of the Spring cleaning.

Chaos, at times, isn't such a bad thing. I'm comparing this to the chaos that's been going on in my head for the duration of this week. Yes, it got loud and messy and sometimes even a little unbearable, however, I trudged through.

I'm glad I did.

Once the chaos settles down and is sorted through, good stuff begins to happen. Balance is restored. There's a newfound sense of determination. Clarity. You see things from a different perspective. It's like the Spring season when everything comes to life.

Our drab and dingy walls are going to be gorgeous when we're done. The kitchen cupboards will be painted too (last minute decision). Spring cleaning will be done. Our home will look different, but not completely different. It'll be a much-needed makeover.

Best of all, it's a big project that we'll be doing together. Maybe it wasn't in the stars for me to get most of it done this week before Lisa's vacation. With our crazy work schedules, we don't get a lot of time to dive into those deep intriguing conversations we used to have. Our Big Bodacious Painting Project will be the perfect opportunity.

With that, I raise my glass of VitaWater with lots of ice...

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