Friday, January 20, 2017

Wire Cutters, Smashed Knuckles, And My Squishy Cream Puff Supervisor

Project Gotcha Day has begun! Despite my big dork moment earlier this week, we're on schedule. After getting caught up on work stuff and completing all of the housework by mid-afternoon, I decided to get a little ahead of the game. I cleared the shelves of the entertainment center, put everything in a tote, and raided one of Lisa's tool areas. I wanted to surprise Lisa and remove the door, horizontal shelves, and the single vertical board.

To back up a bit, last night, Lisa requested that I not attempt this. It's an old entertainment center and the hardware would be difficult to remove. She reminded me of the injury I sustained when I took our old sofa apart last year despite her warning.  I told her fine. I'd leave it.

She immediately gave me that you-say-that-but-I-know-you-will-do-it-anyway look. 

So, there I was, on the floor. A few tools within my reach that appeared to be the right ones for the job. A container to put the hardware in. Determination. A little guilt for disregarding Lisa's request. Yes, I had that moment when I paused and thought, "Should I really attempt this?"

Yes. I should. I wanted to have it all done for when Lisa got home. That would be one less thing she'd have to do.

I removed the door and both horizontal shelves without any issues. The vertical shelf was a challenge. The hardware consisted of several pieces at each end. I had to get in Twister position with my head in the entertainment center.

I also had to raid Lisa's tools again. 

I struggled, but managed to remove most of the hardware. The last piece of hardware didn't want to budge. I was instantly reminded of when I took our old sofa apart. The last piece of hardware didn't want to come off and I had difficulty snapping the end piece of wood holding it all together.

Like I did with the sofa, I thought of something that makes me angry. With all of my might, I squeezed (what I thought were) pliers and pulled the last of the hardware out. I pulled a little too hard. My knuckles smashed into the bottom portion of the entertainment center.


Nothing was broken. I removed the vertical board. Admired the holes I would need to fill in. Snapped a photo of my squishy cream puff "supervisor" who watched me the entire time. Sent a photo of the last piece of hardware to Lisa.

After I sent the photo to Lisa, she called.

"Why did you use wire cutters to get the hardware out?"

"Wire cutters? They looked like pliers to me."

Lisa did her what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you laugh.

"Did you injure yourself?"

"No, but I'll probably have a few bruised knuckles. It's all good."

This is one of 324 reasons why I'm not allowed in the tool closet.

"Well, thank you for doing that even though I asked you not to. I had a feeling you'd attempt it."

"I wanted to surprise you."

"And, you did. Wire cutters and all..."

Lisa arrived home shortly after and examined my hand.

I'm fine.

Project Gotcha Day will be in full swing tomorrow.

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