Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Dork Moment Was A Blessing In Disguise

Lobo's 2 Year Gotcha Day is quickly approaching. For his gift, we're repurposing our entertainment center into a doggy nook-like-lounge area.  That involves gutting out the bottom of the entertainment center, priming, painting, making a doggy bed to fit, and sewing a patchwork doggy quilt and matching pillows. My original plan was to get all of the sewing done by tomorrow so I could focus on painting over the weekend. However, I had a dork moment.

A. Big. Dork. Moment.

Up until yesterday, we hadn't picked out the paint color yet. It wasn't until I was in the biscuit room, scanning over the fabric on the shelves, that I realized this. I stood there and thought, "How the hell am I supposed to pick out fabric if I have no idea what color we're using."

So much for planning 2 days in advance. 

Lisa brought paint swatches home and we picked out a color. Last night, I took the swatch into the biscuit room. I pulled a few choices from the shelf o' fabric.


If we had gone with one of the many shades of brown paint swatches, I would've had quite a few options, but we went with a shade of green. I had one print that was compatible.

After work, Lisa purchased the paint, supplies, and...fabric. She was nervous about roaming the fabric department. That really isn't her area of expertise, but she's got a great eye for color. I had faith in her ability to pick out fabric for this project.

She did quite well. One print. One solid. 

And, best of all, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 50's on Saturday. Lisa volunteered to do all of the painting. On the card table. Front porch. I would stay indoors. Kitchen table. Sewing.

You know what this means? I can spend tomorrow getting caught up on stuff and the weekend housework done. We can complete this project on Saturday and put it together on Sunday. I'll be able to bake biscuit love Sunday evening instead of Monday.

Maybe my dork moment earlier in the week was a blessing in disguise.

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