Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lobo's Gift Request For His 2 Year Gotcha Day Is A Bit Complicated

Lobo's 2 Year Gotcha Day is coming up on January 23rd. Yep. It's been almost 2 years since this lil' nugget of love joined our family. With all of our kids, when their Gotcha Day approaches, I always ask them what they'd like for a special dinner, dessert, and gift. This year, for Lobo's Gotcha Day, he requested steak, shrimp, and sweet potatoes for dinner and homemade apple cupcakes for dessert. That's exactly what he and his siblings will feast on for dinner. The gift he requested? Well, it's a bit complicated.

Lobo said he really wants an indoor type doghouse or nook area that's semi-private.

"Mom, I love the DIY Doggy Platform Bed that you and Mom made for me and my brother and sister. We all use it a lot. However, I'd like a lounge area that's a little secluded. Like a nook or small indoor dog house. Something like that. Big enough for all of us. I talked it over with Coco and Sophie and they said that would be cool."

After Coco's request for new Fall bedding and comforter set last year for his Gotcha Day, nothing surprises me.

Lobo's gift request is a little complicated because we have very little floor space available in our home. Aside from furniture and such, the little floor space we had left is taken up by doggy beds, doggy toy boxes, and Olivia's habitat. 

I've lost count how much time I've spent sitting on the sofa trying to figure out what I can make and what will work with the space we have.

Last night, the proverbial light bulb went off. The answer was right in front of me. I didn't need to create more space and build something elaborate. What Lobo wanted could be made with a little creative ingenuity and some DIY repurposed love. 

I planned everything out in my head the same way I did with the DIY Doggy Platform Bed in the photo.

I explained all of this to Lisa earlier today while we sipped coffee.

Like with the DIY Doggy Platform Bed, she sat there, listened, and said, "Let's do it."

We've got less than 10 days.

My plans are to start this project after baking biscuit love and creating a new homemade dog treat recipe this week. 

So, maybe Thursday morning. 

I'm going to make this work.

I've got this. 

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