Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's Almost Been Two Years And I Still Get Weepy

This morning, after my usual routine of replenishing Olivia's produce bowl, making sure the kids were covered with their favorite blankets, peeing, brushing my teeth, fixing the mop o' sloppy bun on the top of my head, making a cup of coffee, checking emails, and sending Lisa a morning text, I sat back in my office chair and glanced at the January 2017 calendar to see what was coming up. Aside from marveling at the fact that I had my 2017 calendar already filled and hung, I noticed there was only one date marked for this month.

Lobo's 2 year Gotcha Day anniversary.

Two. Years. Twoooooooo Yearsssssssssssss. Wow.

All of our kids are rescues. Coco was very sick and had gone a long time without medical treatment when he joined our family. After being adopted out twice and returned, his overall well being and medical issues went untreated. Why spend the money if no one was going to adopt him, right? That's when we stepped in.

Sophie was rescued from what eventually turned into a cruelty case that lasted for several years. She was 1 out of over 60 pups rescued. When she joined our family, she had been with her rescuer for a year and a half. She was healthy, happy, and, to this day, still loves and adores her Auntie Judy.

Then, Lobo arrived. He was transported to our home the day after surgery to remove his hind leg. 

This is the photo I snapped of him the day after he arrived at our home as a foster. To this day, viewing the "before" photos, most of which we haven't made public due to confidentiality, get me all weepy.

And so angry at the humans responsible for his condition prior to rescue. Still. 

Lobo was emaciated. His hip bones stuck out. I could see the bones in his spine. From the neck down, he was almost hairless. Covered in scabs. His remaining hind leg had a scar that indicated a previous, untreated injury. He smelled so bad because of the previous infections, the scabs, and not being able to have a bath due to the sutures.

The night before his transfer to our home, we got the home office all set up for him. A half hour after he arrived at our home, I got down on the floor, on my tummy. I didn't know what his temperament was or how'd he respond to that.

He came charging at me, his cone head and all, and curled up under my neck. He wanted love. Affection. Touch.

When Lisa arrived home from work, she did the same thing and got the same response from Lobo. I could tell there was an instant bond.

His recovery involved 'round the clock care. Coco and Sophie were curious and nurturing. They didn't bark or growl. Instead, the 3 of them formed a bond. It was as if they had known each other their entire life.

Once Lobo's sutures were removed, we lifted the gate. They ate together. Played together. Snuggled together. Coco and Lobo started playing games with chew bones.

Right around this time, the talk of finding a suitable adopter was brought to the table. We had discussed being a part of the adoption process. The ACO, at the time, felt it would be best if we met with potential adopters.

But, then something happened. And, that something had begun the moment he arrived at our home.

Lobo was meant to be with us. A part of our family.

The universe had done a little shimmy shake.

One evening, as I held Lobo, I started thinking about everything. When he arrived. His recovery. The bond he immediately formed with Lisa, the kids, myself. Everything.

I walked into the kitchen. Crying.

Lisa and I locked eyes. She knew. I knew.

Lobo wasn't going anywhere.

He was meant to be a part of our family.

That's exactly what happened.

And now, almost 2 years later, while staring at the calendar, thinking about all of this, I get all weepy.

Two years. 

After my trip down Memory Lane, and with the waterworks cascading down my face, I picked Lobo up and asked him what meal, dessert, and gift he wanted for his 2 Year Gotcha Day anniversary.

He was fairly certain the dinner of his choice would be steak, shrimp, mashed sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe.

For dessert, he's not sure yet.

His Gotcha Day Gift?

"You've already made us a DIY Doggy Platform Bed and toy boxes. I know you're making us each a patchwork quilt. So, maybe, how about a DIY indoor dog house or enclosed doggy bed? Can you do that, Mommy?"

I've got 3 weeks...


Just maybe.

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