Sunday, January 15, 2017

We Dedicated This Weekend As A Catch Up Weekend

One of the big issues I had to confront towards the end of last year, especially when things started getting crazy busy in October, was my lack of a schedule. Although it's almost impossible for me to make a schedule for the week and have everything go as planned, there are some things I desperately needed to tighten the reigns on. At the top of the list is making sure I assigned specific days to work on certain projects. Even though we have a spacious kitchen and large kitchen table, I can't bake biscuit love while sanding wood or working with fabric. Each project needed to have its own day.

I know it's only 2 weeks into the new year, but I've really tried to tighten the reigns. In doing so, I've learned 2 things.

1. It's very possible, and maybe even quite easy, to focus on one project at a time throughout the week. I know that I need to do one or two Dog Mom DIY Projects, bake biscuit love, and create a new homemade dog treat recipe every week. It's fairly easy to estimate how long it will take to complete each task. From there, I can make a tentative mental schedule of when I can get other stuff done like housework, meal prep, desk work, etc.

2. Determining exactly what day I'll be working on each thing is not something I can schedule ahead of time. Why? Because life happens. On New Year's Day, Lisa started feeling sick. The entire week to follow, she was slammed with the nasty cold flu that's been going around. The DIY Dog Mom Projects I had planned on making that week had to be put on hold. Almost a week later, I was hit with the cold flu. For several days, my ass was parked on the sofa.

Baking biscuit love was delayed a couple of days. I did manage to create 2 new homemade dog treat recipes on time. On Friday we mailed out a couple of Bodacious Biscuit Love care packages. However, it wasn't until this weekend that I was able to go forth with the DIY Dog Mom Projects.

We dedicated this weekend as a Catch Up Weekend. Aside from a lingering cough, we're both feeling better. In fact, on Friday, Lisa fired up the grill and we invited a couple of our sweet friends to join us.

Lisa focused on the housework. I focused on tackling a couple of DIY Dog Mom Projects, work stuff, and catching up on blog posts.

We also talked about Lobo's 2 Year Gotcha Day that's coming up a week from tomorrow and his Gotcha Day Gift. That's going to require some serious planning as it will probably take about 3 days to complete everything. I need to make sure all DIY Dog Mom Projects, biscuit love baking, and a new homemade dog treat recipe is done before I start on Lobo's Gotcha Day gift.

I'll definitely need to tighten the reigns this week and keep fingers and paws crossed that nothing major comes up.

One day at at a time...

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