Sunday, October 15, 2023

At One Time, It Was Noisy And Rambunctious When We Served Meals And Snacks

When our sweet Sophie made her journey over The Rainbow Bridge in February, life wasn't the same. We grieved. Our kids did too. Sophie was exceptionally food-motivated. She loved her homemade meals and snacks and always ate with gusto. 

She would always hop, skip, and run around when it was mealtime or snack time. And. Whenever we prepped fresh produce like watermelon, apples, and carrots. Or roasted chicken or turkey. Sophie got Coco, Lobo, and Willa wound up too. 

Eventually, Coco, Lobo, and Willa adjusted. Coco's enthusiasm continued to make mealtime and snack time an event. He would bark and run from room to room to room to get Lobo and Willa wound up. 


When Coco made his journey over The Rainbow Bridge at the end of last month, our lives changed again. Coco wasn't here to wound and round Lobo and Willa up for meals and snacks. 

Lobo and Willa, like us, grieved big time. They almost didn't know what to do. Sophie and Coco were no longer here to make mealtime and snack time an event. 

For a few weeks after Coco made his journey over The Rainbow Bridge, I roasted chicken in the oven. On occasion, when the weather was too hot, we purchased rotisserie chicken. That is the only way we could get Lobo and Willa ti eat their meals and snacks. 

They didn't have Coco and Sophie. They were feeling that. Lobo opted to eat his meals on his favorite dog bed. Willa ate her meals on our bed. We allowed both of them to eat where they wanted. What they wanted. When they wanted. Lots of extra snacks and special meals. 

I am not going to lie. It sucks. Coco and Sophie were our food-motivated kids. Meals and snacks were an event. With all of the extras. At one point, all 4 of our kids gathered together in the kitchen to eat their meals. 


It's too quiet. 

Meals and snacks used to be noisy. 

Lots of barking and enthusiastic jumps and zoomies. 

In fact, just so we could prepare their meals and snacks without getting them wound up, we used to say, "Let's get ready for you-know-what-time." 

Such sweet memories. 

And now, it's too quiet. 

We miss our sweet Coco and Sophie so much. 

More than we could ever express. 

Life isn't the same. 

We have all had to adjust. 

It is happening. 


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