Thursday, December 22, 2016

It Was Olivia's Turn To Hear The Story Of Our Christmas Tree

All of our kids have a Christmas outfits and Santa hats. When they've celebrated their first Christmas with us, they wear their outfit and Lisa tells them the story of our Christmas tree and shows them their first ornament. A few months ago, Olivia joined our family so this year, it was her turn.

In November, we purchased the cutest Guinea Pig Santa hat at Petco. Although Olivia loves to be held and snuggled, we had no idea how she'd do wearing a Santa hat. Low and behold, she surprised us both and did exceptionally well.

She wore her Santa hat while Lisa told her the story of our Christmas tree and showed Olivia her first ornament. Like with all of our kids, she sat there and listened to Lisa. Content. This lasted a few minutes and not once did she budge. Olivia definitely earned her cucumber slices that followed.

In 2015, Lobo celebrated his first Christmas with us. He wore his brother's Santa outfit. It was much too big, but he didn't care. He sat on Lisa's lap and listened while Lisa told him the story of our Christmas tree.

Sophie's first Christmas with us was in 2014. I was surprised that she wore the reindeer outfit. Apparel with her is touch and go, but she sat there while Lisa told her the story. Back in 2014, we had a smaller tree. Last year, we had to upgrade to a 4 foot tree.

Back in 2012, Coco was our only kid. He was very curious when we set up the tree. Once everything was done, Lisa and I sat on the sofa. Coco jumped on Lisa's lap. Lisa explained the story of our Christmas tree and Coco sat there. He'd look at the tree, then Lisa, then the tree. I snapped a photo. At that very moment, we had started a tradition.

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