Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Biggest News Received At The Doctor's Office Is That Oliver Is Actually...Olivia

Oliver had his first doctor's visit today. If you don't know who Oliver is, you can catch up here and here. He's the newest addition to our family. Oliver was in dire need of a nail trim and we wanted to make sure his little feet were okay. There are two growths on one of his feet that we're concerned about.

Prior to Oliver's doctor appointment, Lisa gave him lots of snuggles and had a little chat with him. A visit to the doctors office is always a little stressful for any of our kids. Lisa told Oliver that the doctors and vet techs are wonderful and he had nothing to worry about.

At the doctor's office, Oliver got his nails trimmed. They examined his feet. One of the two lumps was actually a piece of poop that was lodged between his tiny toes. It had dried and never dislodged. The other growth is a real growth. More than likely, it's a growth due to his previous living environment.

Dirty equine pellets cause harm to their tiny, sensitive feet.

We need to keep an eye on it. If it becomes bothersome or grows in size, we'll need t have it removed.

And now, we need a drum roll.


Because the biggest news we received at the doctor's office is that Oliver is in fact...

Insert drum roll.


We got a good chuckle after receiving the news.

I'll leave it at that.

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