Friday, December 23, 2016

Live A Little. Okay. I Will. Yes. You Have My Word.

On Wednesday, we delivered a Bodacious Holiday Bundle and donated some biscuits to one of our local animal shelters. During the process of trying to figure out what day would be best to deliver, the ACO asked if she could order a half dozen Whoopie Pies. I was more than happy to make them for her. She wanted to pay for them, but instead of taking cash, I decided to have a little fun. A bottle of wine in exchange for Whoopie Pies. It was a done deal. She did warn me that she wasn't sure what kind of wine I'd end up with. I told her I was willing to take that chance.

Lisa delivered the goods and arrived home with a gorgeous bottle of fair trade, organic red wine. What captured my attention was the label. Live-A-Little. I loved the graphics. I knew instantly the bottle was a keeper.

I was seriously impressed.

Today, I had my apron on. I made an early Christmas dinner to share with 2 very special humans that we absolutely adore. I blasted Opera of the Bells and some other great festive tunes from before my time. I prefer the classics over the new stuff.

I sipped the luscious wine that I had exchanged for Whoopie Pies. It was delicious! I was definitely living a little and getting my groove on.

I may have belted out some lyrics too.

Dinner was scrumptious. The company was even greater. It was such a relaxing evening. Lobo even wore his Christmas bow tie. We sent our guests home with most of the leftovers and surprised them with a gift basket filled with goodies.

They left us with a bunch of stuff for our Bodacious Biscuit Love bin and a nice surprise gift. We are so grateful for everything.

Yep. I lived a little.

I needed tonight. So did Lisa and our kids.

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