Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bake. Sip. Drizzle. Roll. Dip. Smash. Sprinkle.

And so it begins. I've put aside 2 days to make Christmas cookies and other goodies that I only make this time of year. This year, unlike the past few, I can honestly say I'm enjoying every minute of it. Why? I put my foot down this year with our homemade dog biscuits. I stood firm with the deadline. I made enough to fill a few orders, donate, fill holiday pet baskets for some pup parents in need, and to fill our kid's cookie jar. That was it. I wasn't going to bake a few batches here and there for people who missed the deadline.

I know that sounds harsh, but Lisa and I are busy too. We have things going on over the Christmas season that we need to get done. Our schedule is tight. Plus this year, I wanted to enjoy baking Christmas treats for gift baskets, platters, and buckets. I didn't want it to feel like a chore that I completely dreaded.

Where's the joy in that?

I baked for most of the afternoon. Sipped some fabulous red wine. Did a little housework. Had lots of playtime with the kids. Organized the biscuit room and prepped the baskets we'll be using for our annual Christmas gift baskets. I made a grocery list and made sure we had everything to fill our gift baskets.

It was a great afternoon. I wasn't rushing around or stressed or overwhelmed. None of it felt like a chore...even the housework.

Today, I got all the cookie baking done and I made the mixture for the peanut butter cheesecake truffles. Tomorrow I'll be knee deep in melted chocolate. I've got cookies to coat with chocolate, cookie cups to fill, candy canes to smash, truffles to dip, cookies to sprinkle, and Christmas Munch to drizzle with lots of chocolate.

I'll sip a little more wine. Get the rest of the housework done. Start the preparations for a Christmas feast we're making for 2 very special friends of ours. Enjoy more playtime with the kids.

While I still feel a tiny bit guilty about enforcing the deadline, being this relaxed and embracing the last few days of the Christmas season trumps the guilt.

I'll be doing that again next year too.

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