Saturday, October 8, 2016

Your Questions Haven't Gone Unnoticed. In Fact, They've Inspired Me.

Earlier this week, we made one of our DIY Dog Mom Projects available to order. In case you missed it, you can order our Bodacious Country Crackle Holiday Ornaments through October 31st. The proceeds from the sales will be used to fund our Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin. You can read all about that here. Since posting the availability of our Bodacious Country Crackle Holiday Ornaments, we've had an overwhelming response. To date. I have close to 70 ornaments I have to make, ship, and deliver. Big. Huge. Smile.

In the past, when we've posted our DIY Dog Mom Projects, or photos where some of these DIY projects have been visible, people have expressed interest.

Where did you get those?

Where can I buy those?

Are you making them for purchase?

Your questions haven't gone unnoticed. In fact, they've inspired me.

Today, after Lisa ate her breakfast of homemade pumpkin muffins, and shared them with our kids as you can see, I sat down with her to discuss some ideas.

In the past we've made a few DIY Dog Mom Projects.

We'll be making LOTS more in the months and years ahead.

I'm seriously considering offering certain DIY Dog Mom Projects for sale.

After the DIY Country Crackle Ornaments are all made, delivered, and shipped, I'm thinking about making a few more DIY Doggy Toy Boxes. Limited quantities. First come, first serve. Your choice of color. Personalized.

In the future, if people are interested in purchasing some of DIY Dog Mom Projects, I will offer more.

I like this idea.

No, wait. I love this idea.

Over the past almost-3-years since the launch of Bodacious Biscuit Love, we've learned quite a bit. Some of that includes how and when people donate.

People don't like to donate cash. I don't blame them. There are too many organizations out there who ask for cash donations, but you're not quite sure where your donated cash goes towards.

Lisa and I feel the same way. We don't like doing fundraisers where it's "a cash only donation to the cause." And, we don't like donating cash.

In the past, when we've used our biscuits to raise money for much needed items at our local shelters, we offer a product for a donation. We take every penny and purchase whatever is needed for the specific shelter or cause we're raising money for.

For example, if we raise $150 after doing a fundraiser, we take that $150 to purchase the must needed items to donate to the designated animal shelter.

In the almost-3-years since Bodacious Biscuit Love was born, we've only made 2 exceptions.

Another thing we've learned is that people prefer to purchase items knowing the money made will go towards this or that. When people purchase an item for a specific cause, not only do they get a product in return, but they know their purchase is used to buy much needed items.

In the case of our DIY Dog Mom Projects, we'll offer a product. The proceeds will be used towards Bodacious Biscuit Love. That can range from buying ingredients and supplies to spread the biscuit love and to keep our Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin stocked.

We're still ironing out the details.

Stay tuned..

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