Sunday, October 9, 2016

Are You Sure There's Nothing I Can Help You With? Nope. That's A Lie.

I do my best to designate Sundays as a chill day for Lisa. She works long hours Monday through Friday. Her day starts when she gets up for work at 3:45 a.m. As of late, she's been working overtime. By Friday, she's exhausted. Saturdays are spent catching up on stuff around the house. Small projects. Housework. Laundry. Errands. We wind down Saturday evening for family snuggle time on the sofa.

On Sunday mornings I make a good breakfast. I always tell Lisa, "Today is your free day to unwind, chill, and do what you want." She always replies with, "I have stuff to do."

I smile and shake my head.

I know why she says that each and every time.


On Sundays I catch up on work stuff and I make a big Sunday dinner.

I don't get days off.

There's always something to do whether it's housework, meal prep, baking snacks for Lisa's lunches, baking biscuit love, blogging, DIY Dog Mom Projects, creating new biscuits recipes, etc.

And, that's a big ETC.

After breakfast, Lisa finishes up the laundry. By early afternoon she's on the sofa, with the kids, with a snack or two and Netflix.

And, she always asks, "Are you sure there's nothing I can help you with?"

I always tell her no.

That's a lie. 

There's a lot she could help me with. I know she'd be more than happy to assist and she'd do it without complaining.

However, I don't want her helping me.

I want her to relax. Unwind. Spend time with the kids. Fall asleep during one of her favorite shows. Rejuvenate before she embarks on another exhausting work week.

I want to witness all of this as I got back and forth from the home office to the kitchen.

The photo I included with this post represents what I love most about our Sundays.

And that extends to the moment I wake her up a half hour before dinner.

She'll act surprised that she fell asleep and say something silly like, "My eyes were closed, but I was still watching TV."

Ah. Huh.

These are some of my favorite moments.

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