Monday, August 8, 2016

The Possibility Of No Skee-Ball Or Greasy Fried Dough

Today, I am spent. Sore. Tired. Yesterday we had friends over for dinner. I prepared a delicious spread of homemade Pico De Gallo made with all garden grown veggies. Hawaiian spread with assorted crackers. Maple barbecue pulled brisket sliders. Grilled Asian kebabs. Brown butter, rosemary popcorn. Fresh made Cuban Highballs (aka...Mojitos).

That was after spending most of the weekend doing our Summer cleaning. 

We had a great time. Our neighbor friends brought over scrumptious food that added to our feast. We drank. Ate. Had great conversation. Lots of laughs. We always enjoy their company. Over the years, they've become family to us.

After they left, I crashed. Lisa took care of the cleanup. Bless her sweet heart and efforts. 

It's Monday. She's on vacation. We've already dedicated today and tomorrow to getting stuff done around the house that we normally don't have time for. I have a lengthy project to complete that'll wrap up a month-long freelance project. It'll require a few hours of research, a 3-4 page article, edits, and revisions. My goal is to have it done by Tuesday end-of-day.

The kids are up and at 'em. Off schedule. They have no idea what to do because Lisa is home and she's never home on a Monday unless it's a holiday. They're overtired.

And, the barking. It's at an all time high today. 

It looks as if the weather is not going to work in our favor this week. They're calling for rain and storms on Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday, we're going to be hit with a massive heatwave that'll send the heat index on or above 110. With the high humidity and dew points, the potential for severe storms is inevitable.

This scenario reminds me of when I lived out of state in a tornado prone area. During the summer months, we were plagued with 100+ degree weather, high humidity, and high dew points. That was the perfect conditions for the horrible storms we had to endure. 

Although we don't have plans, and we're embracing the fine art of spontaneity, it looks as if that's going to be reduced. With the heat index up and beyond 110, it'll be too hot to take the kids anywhere or leave them home alone for even a few hours. We don't leave the air conditioners on when we leave the house for safety reasons. There is no way we'd leave them home with the air conditioners off in this heat.

While Lisa sat at the table eating her breakfast, another thing that threw our kids for a loop, we talked about the weather, activities, spontaneity, etc. And, we both agreed to take it day by day.

I'll admit, I felt guilty. It's Lisa's vacation. I wanted to do a few things away from home whether it was walking the beach or finding a vintage arcade that had Skee-Ball so we could play a few rounds and earn tickets for cheesy prizes. And, we'd end our competitive streak with fried dough or funnel cake served on a grease stained paper plate.

We're simple folk.

Lisa reassured me that regardless of what happened this week, what mattered to her the most was being home with the kids and me. She didn't need daily outings or time away from home.

This is one of the many reasons why I love her.

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