Sunday, August 7, 2016

I Was 20 Minutes Late Giving The Kids Their Snack...

We spent part of yesterday and today moving furniture out of the rooms and washing carpets. We don't just Spring clean around here. We Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall clean. This usually happens in January, April, July, and October. I've fallen behind on the Summer cleaning by almost a month. Better late than never, right?

Later this evening, we're having 2 of our neighbor friends over for dinner. We got most of the Summer cleaning done yesterday. Today, we had the bedroom to do. While Lisa did most of the work, I stayed busy with food prep.

By early afternoon, the Summer cleaning was done. Most of the food prep was done. Although I wasn't ahead of schedule, I was on schedule and, for me, that's a big deal. I was thrilled. I could have done cartwheels down the street.

My excitement fizzled a bit as I made my way to the bathroom. I glanced into the bedroom. All 3 kids were on the bed.

I gasped. Lisa asked what was wrong.

I was 20 minutes late giving our babies their afternoon snack.

Yep. THIS is the THE LOOK I got.

Ah. Huh.

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