Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I See You Haz A Breffast Sammich, Mommy...

Monday through Friday, Lisa gets up for work around 3:45 - 4:00 a.m. When she gets up, there's always a hot breakfast and coffee waiting for her. After she takes the kids out and feeds them breakfast, I crawl into bed. The kids join me. So does Lisa with her coffee and breakfast in tow. She gets herself situated and shares her breakfast with the kids. Once done, they get a cookie, I get tucked in, and the kids and I fall asleep. Lisa gets ready and leaves for work.

This week, Lisa is on vacation and the kid's schedule is pretty much non-existent. Lisa is getting up later. The kids are eating breakfast later. Their usual morning routine that includes a morning nap with me, hasn't happened in 2 days. They have no idea what's going on.

But, they are lovin' the fact that Lisa is home. 

I made Lisa a breakfast sandwich around 10:30 this morning. She ate at the table. Coco was in bed, under the blankets. Sophie was nestled in her blanket bungalow. Lobo was glued to Lisa's side.

Within a minute of Lisa sitting down to eat her breakfast sandwich, all of the kids were at her feet. Sophie perched herself on Lisa's lap. The expression on her face was too priceless not to capture. She gave Lisa THE LOOK.

And, shortly after, this happened. Coco and Lobo enjoyed nibbles too. Once Lisa was done with breakfast, the kids scattered. Coco went back to bed. Sophie decided to continue her morning nap on the sofa. Lobo...he was just Lobo. He had no idea what to do because Lisa was home and he doesn't want to miss anything exciting.


I love moments like these. And, I love it even more when I can capture it with my camera or phone.

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