Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Vacations Is Planned. Or Not.

Yesterday I mentioned that Lisa will be taking a full week of vacation in August. It's the first time she's taken a week off since our wedding 4 years ago. This evening, after dinner, while Lisa did dishes and I sat at the table entertaining our kids, Lisa asked if there was something special I'd like to do that week.

Keep in mind that I very seldom take days off. Although my work-at-home schedule is flexible, there is work to be done every single day. Blogging. Baking. Writing. DIY dog mom projects. Social media stuff. Etc. And, we don't board our kids. Going away for a few days, or even overnight, is not an option. 

I thought about it for a few minutes.


She turned around and gave me an inquisitive look, but didn't reply. Lisa knows that my one word answers are usually followed by a lengthy rant-of-sorts.

Tonight was no exception.

After a few minutes, it happened.

What do you think about not planning anything? 

It'll be a week of complete spontaneity. 

If we wake up one morning and decide to make cake pops that we can share with the kids, so be it.

One afternoon, maybe we can head to the beach after-hours, walk the beach, and have a picnic dinner before heading back home.

If at 8:30 at night we have a hankering for sundaes, we can go to one of our favorite ice cream places. We can bring ice cream home for the kids.

Or, we can make sundaes here at home.

We'll go swimming and fire up the grill.

Let's build something for the kids. Something really cool.

And, we could have a night where we play cards for hours and eat appetizers.

Lots of family snuggle time, movie nights with the kids.

I want to make you grilled pizza. 

We can make S'mores. 

I'd love to have Bob and Char over because we're long overdue for appetizers and adult beverages sipped from a gutted out watermelon.

Anything goes. 


By this time Lisa had finished the dishes and was sitting at the table with me.

"Sounds like a plan. I like it."

So, that's what we're doing.

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