Monday, August 15, 2016

10 Things I Learned When Lisa Was On Vacation

Lisa went back to work today after a week off for vacation. This is the first time she's taken a week long vacation since our wedding in July of 2012. And, trust me, that vacation was no vacation. We were on the go, and out of state, for most of it. It was non-stop from the time she left work until the evening before we returned home.

The home we live in now. The home we had just moved into about 2 weeks prior. I still had boxes to unpack. 

If you're just joining us now, our plans for Lisa's vacation was to have no plans. We dedicated the week to total spontaneity. You can catch up on that here, here, here, and here.

In short, even when our plans are to have no plans, those plans crumble. 

However, despite the weather, my workload, power outages, and spending most of the week at home, I learned a thing or two. I had plenty of time to think, reflect, shift focus, and gain new perspective on various things.

1. Okay, Universe, I hear you. Part of me wonders if the events last week had anything to do with universe and fate. After the week ended, and after much reflection, I had a clear view of of the paths I was heading down. Most were appropriate, and on track, but a few were consistent with old patterns. Maybe one or two needed to simply just end.

2. While we're on the topic of paths. Most of the paths I'm on, we're on, are appropriate, and on track, but a few were consistent with old patterns. I had plenty of time last week to reexamine old habits I was gravitating back towards. At the top of the list was the "guilt button." When my "guilt button" is pushed, I have a tendency to mute common sense or I fail to reflect back on lessons I've learned, we've learned, from the "guilt button" trumping all.

3. My motto of "don't judge others because you don't know the battles they're fighting" sometimes kicks us in the ass. This kind of ties in with number 2. When people feed us line after line after line of "how hard they're having it" or "how broke they are," Lisa and I, without thought, kick it into high gear and do what we can to help out. However, sadly, sometimes what we're told isn't always the case. And, we learn the hard way. Our generosity is taken for granted.

4. I complain too much. Whether it's my funky schedule, lack of sleep, the excessive barking at times, having to clean something I just cleaned an hour ago, Lisa's catch-all areas, or having to stay up on the overnight to get most of my writing done, I complain about it too much. I allow myself to get too frustrated. My girly 'tude surfaces. I need to stop that because what I complain about is exactly what I love the most. If there's anything I learned last year, after 3 of our friends and 2 family members passed away, is to appreciate each and every day. That includes all the stuff that may irritate me from time to time.

5. Our kids absolutely love us. We were home most of the time. The only time we left the house together was Friday, Lisa's birthday, when we picked up the new TV the kids and I bought for her. The rest of the time, we were home, and our kids loved it. If one, or both, of us sat on the sofa, no matter what they were doing, they rushed to the sofa. If we stretched out on the bed, same thing. They were glued to our sides the entire week. When we watched movies, or our Criminal Minds marathon, all 3 kids curled up with us on the sofa. There is no greater feeling.

6. My blogs and the projects that go along with the blogs need to be mandatory. Last month, I took on a month-long freelance project that sucked up a lot of my time. Between reading, research, writing, editing, and revisions, it was a huge time suck. I'm not complaining. I love freelance work. However, despite my best intentions, everything else was put on hold. Including this blog, the Bodacious Biscuit Love blog, creating homemade dog treat recipes, DIY Dog Mom Projects, and photos. I fell really, really, behind.

That shit needs to stop.

My blogs, and everything I mentioned above, are important. They're just as important as the paid work I do. I need to treat them as such. If that means more hours, so be it. If that means less sleep, so be it. If that means sandwiches for dinner, so be it.

I own the fact that I slacked. Big time.

7. I truly don't care about what people think about our Dog Mom life. We had to cancel plans last week because of the power issues, excessive heat, and storms. Some areas had flooding, lightening strikes, and tornadoes. There was no way we were leaving the house and allowing our kids to fend for themselves. Having to cancel plans didn't come without a few snarky comments of lack of understanding. When those instances happened, I was like, "Oh well. They'll get over it." Just. Like. That. End of story.

8. I need to get reacquainted with my inner girly. Since the launch of Bodacious Biscuit Love in October of 2012, I have been feeling frumpy. Schlumpy. Yucky. Icky. I had to give up my nail polish. That was hard. Most of my work involves typing so I like my nails to be short and freshly polished.

I also stopped buying new shirts and I've had to constantly wear my hair in a sloppy bun. Why? Peanut butter dog treat recipe dough. I can't wear nail polish when rolling and cutting dough. I wear my hair up in a bun for obvious reasons. And, because I don't wear an apron, my shirts get stained with dough and peanut butter.

For that reason, I haven't polished my nails, bought new shirts, or wore my hair down (unless I'm going out), in almost 3 yeas.

I've been feeling rather frumpy as of late. 

This week, Lisa bought me new shirts to have on hand for when I'm not working with dough. I wore my hair down when not baking or preparing food for company. And, I bought new nail polish. I also found the best nail polish remover ever.

I've spent too much time feeling unpretty and not-so-presentable. That needs to stop as well. My focus needs to shift to feeling pretty when I can. Which is a lot. On those days when I bake and prep food, the polish comes off, the hair goes up, and I opt for a shirt I won't have to worry about getting stuff on.

9. Mother Nature isn't a force to be reckoned with. Last winter, we had more thunderstorms than we've had all summer. I remember having to email people to let them know only one of us was going to make it for a delivery or event because of the weather. It is what it is. The week before Lisa's vacation, the weather looked great. As her vacation neared, not so much. Mother Nature doesn't care about plans, vacations, holidays, or special occasions.

10. On occasion, the best of times happen when plans fall through. True story. Whether it's an evening of homemade Italian fare and endless hands of cards or enjoying summer pie, adult beverages and drinks indoors, not everything has to go as planned. Sometimes, wonderful memories are made in those instances.

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