Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Weather Pattern Is Changing For Next Week Which Means...

This week has been crazy. Very. Very. Crazy. I'm almost at the finish line of a month-long freelance project. Lisa is working on some time sensitive stuff at work. Two more days until she's officially on vacation. She'll be home with us for 9 whole days. Although I've put in every amount of effort to make sure I have some free time next week, I'm already anticipating that my best intentions, lack of sleep, and bulking up on the work stuff will crumble. It always does.

How can I tell?

The weather pattern is already changing for next week. Originally, it was supposed to be in the low to mid-80's. The only day with a threat of rain, which we so desperately need, was Wednesday. The operative word is "was."

Although not officially confirmed, that's all changing. They're throwing in the possibility of another heatwave. But, not just any heatwave. A massive one with extreme heat and humidity.


Don't get me wrong, I prefer this weather to sub-zero winter temperatures, however, accompanying heat waves are the threat of storms. And, with storms, we have to stay home because of the kids. That's not a problem. Our kid's safety and well being comes first.

I just know when the weather changes drastically, and unexpectedly, other things tend to follow.

We shall see...

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