Monday, May 9, 2016

Chips, Coffee And A Card

I'll never understand, after a holiday, birthday or whatever, why people feel so inclined to ask, "So, what did you get?" What does that even mean? What. Did. You. Get. I know what they're referring to. Yesterday was Mother's Day. Within a short period of time, after scrolling through my social media feeds, I was overloaded with photos of who got what for Mother's Day. Roses. Concert tickets. Gift baskets. Chocolate covered strawberries. Spa days. You know "what I got?"

The kids gave me one of the sweetest cards ever along with a bag of my favorite bag of root chips and a pound of really great coffee. All of this was presented to me while I was sprawled out on the bed with the kids. While I was reading the card, all the kids took turns putting their heads in the gift bag. Once I was done reading the card, I watched them trying to sniff the contents of the bag and use their paws to get closer to what was in the gift bag.

Eventually they stopped, sat there and looked at me as if to say, "Okay, Mommy, it's your turn."

They sniffed the bag of root chips and the bag of coffee.

I opened the bag of root chips and fed them a sweet potato chip or two. Their favorite.

Lisa opened the bag of coffee and brewed a fresh pot.

Lobo stole a chip from Coco and the look on his face was priceless.

Sophie squeezed between my bum and the pillow to eat her sweet potato chip.

Coco waited until everyone was done eating their sweet potato chip before he crunched on his.

He likes to do that to tease them.

As Coco ate his chip, Lobo and Sophie gave me the look of guilt.

I caved.

Lisa brought me a fresh cup of coffee. I sipped and fed the kids more root chips.

I love the sound of all of them crunching on a snack at the same time.

Especially The Symphony Of Carrots.

That's what I got.

A card. Root chips. Coffee.

And, later in the day, the biscuit room was conquered.

And, you know what?

I loved it all.

I don't need a gift card for a mani or pedi.

Nor do I require a fancy brunch.

Or a charm bracelet from a high-end jeweler.

Sharing my root chips, sipping really great coffee and giggling at the kids while they sniffed and crunched made my day.

That's what I got.

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