Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Sweet And Productive Mother's Day

Our original plans for Mother's Day was to relax, unwind, put our feet up and enjoy the day with our kids. During the morning hours, things went as planned. We sipped coffee in the living room. On the sofa. The kids were on our laps. Lisa shared her breakfast sandwich with the kids followed by lots of playtime on the floor. Once the kids settled down, we tackled some light housework. That's when it happened.

The biscuit room stuck out like a sore thumb. 

I've been meaning to organize the biscuit room and move things around for a couple of months now. I had piles of fabric, craft supplies and other biscuit related stuff that needed to be put on the shelf. As of this morning, the supplies were sitting on the card table that was beside the biscuit table.

I sat at the table, sipping my 76th cup of coffee, and thought, "This is the day. It's getting done."

For the next 3 hours or so, Lisa and I took most everything out of the biscuit room, cleared the shelves, flipped the room around, brought stuff back in, organized the shelves, found a home for all the supplies, cleared out the closet, made room for the shipping boxes, vacuumed and lugged some totes down to the basement.

After all was said and done, this was the the "after" photo. And, it was at this time I realized I forgot to take a "before" photo. I'm happy with it. Relieved. The card table is folded back up. Everything has a place.

An organized room or area makes me happy. Very. Very. Happy.

An hour later, we continued our Mother's Day celebration. We cooked a fabulous dinner. Enjoyed a few hands of cards. Watched a couple of movies while snuggled on the sofa with the kids. More playtime. Extra snuggles and juicy kisses.

Another great Mother's Day in the book!

Happy Mother's Day!

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