Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Pre-Dinner Routine...

Our kids thrive on routine. If we're a bit late serving their dinner or Lisa goes to bed a half hour later during the week, they let us know. During the week, the schedule is strict. On the weekends, no so much. Lisa gets up later in the morning, goes to bed later, etc. The kids know the difference between weekday routine and weekend routine.

Today, after Lisa and I ate our dinner, I sat at my desk. I had a few things to do and check and update. This isn't something I typically do. The kids reminded me. Coco paced around the office barking. Lobo barked. Sophie sat under my desk between my feet.

Each one, in their own way, was telling me, "Mom, it's time for you to sit on the bed with us while our other Mom gets our dinner ready."

Lisa peeked in the doorway of the office.

"Are you forgetting something?"


I got up from my desk and headed towards the bedroom. All three kids followed me. Seconds later, the four of us were on the bed.

Sophie always curls up by my head. She gave me the look because I broke routine this evening. Thankfully, with an extended belly rub and extra kisses, she was quick to forgive me.

Lobo and Coco enjoyed their chew bones while Lisa began the process of preparing dinner for the kids. Coco takes frequent breaks from chewing to observe Lisa in the kitchen. We have the perfect view from the bed.

If Lisa takes too long, Lobo gets tired and crashes. He perks back up when Lisa announces that dinner is ready.

Sophie and Lobo leap off the bed and run to the kitchen.

Coco lingers a bit and contemplates how he wants his dinner served and where he wants it served.

This is our routine.

Every. Single. Night.

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