Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Coco Has A Floating Kneecap...

Coco had a doctor appointment today. He got his annual checkup and vaccinations, a nail trim, and ear swab. Despite cleaning, his ears get red and irritated this time of year. Seasonal allergies. In addition to administering Benedryl, he has prescription ear drops we use when needed.

Today we discovered he has a floating kneecap (luxating patella). A few weeks ago we noticed a skip in his run and he favored one of his back legs for about a minute. Then, he was fine...zoomies and all. There was no swelling, obvious signs of injury and nothing wrong with his paw. It happened a couple of other times. Like before, it was subtle and within a minute he was running around. He wasn't bothered by it or in pain. His doctors appointment was less than a week away.

If he would have been in pain or there was swelling, we would have made an emergency appointment the following day.

There are 4 levels of severity with floating kneecaps. He's in grade 1 stage. His doctor recommended he lose a couple of pounds. There are some exercises he can do along with taking a oral joint support supplement. I also read that lowering his carbohydrate intake will greatly reduce the inflammation as well.

Whatever it takes. 

For now, Coco is resting. He gets lethargic after getting his shots. It lasts about a day. Meanwhile, my brain is spinning like a hamster wheel.

I think it's time to start whipping up our own creations of homemade flour-less pup treats.

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