Friday, October 13, 2023

We Have No Regrets


I took this photo years ago. Our sweet Coco loved his blankets. In fact, he is the reason WHY we have not been able to make our bed for over 10 years. And. That was more than okay with us. 

Last month, Coco made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. It was a difficult decision to make. But. He let us know. It was time. 

Prior to all of this, we let a few of our family members know what was going on. Lisa's side of the family was exceptionally sympathetic. Lisa's Mom and Dad, whom I also call "Mom" and "Dad" expressed their sympathies. As they did with Sophie. They referred to them as "our granddaughter and grandson." 

The day Coco made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge, I received a text from a relative from my side. The text read, "I am sorry about your dog."

Your dog. 


Just. Wow.

Her text stung, but I had to remember it was from the same woman who had despised Coco from the very beginning. When we adopted him back in 2012. 

I will be the first to admit that shortly prior to adopting Coco, I had agreed to stay with this relative for a week to assist with moving. Everything was up in the air. 

We had already helped her out a considerable amount with packing, moving, rehoming her cats, paying to have their shots updated, giving her $500 a month (for 7 months) to assist her financially, etc. At one point, Lisa's parents spent most of one afternoon helping to load stuff into a truck that we borrowed from a friend. 

Coco was very sick when we adopted him. He had been adopted twice and returned. At the end of the day, he was deemed "unwanted." His health issues were shrugged off. 

However, the Universe shifted. Did one of her little shimmy shakes. We were there at the right place. At the right time. We had been working with Coco for a few months prior. 

It was literally a matter of life and death. 

When I called this particular relative and explained the situation, she was pissed. Plans had changed. I wasn't able to stay with her for a week, but we made ourselves available to help out on the weekends. 

We were only able to do weekends because this relative lived almost 3 hours north of us. The weekend was the only time we could plan on a 6-hour, round trip commute. We attempted to make it work. 

I tried to explain the situation. All of it. From the very beginning until the moment when we adopted him. None of that mattered. 


It mattered to us. 

At the end of the day, the only option was for us to stay with this relative with Coco. She didn't want him there. 


That. Was. That. 

It didn't go over well, but we didn't have any guilt. Again, we already provided a tremendous amount of assistance over the past months. 

I snapped this photo in 2012. Less than 3 months after we adopted our sweet Coco. This photo speaks a thousand words. 

After numerous visits to the doctor and lots of love and 'round the clock care, Coco flourished. 

He healed. 

He trusted humans again. 

And, he was the best big brother to Sophie, Lobo, and Willa for many years. Until he made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. 

He, as with Sophie, is still with us here. In spirit.


We have no regrets about adopting him. 


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