Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This Photo Is Where It All Began...


This photo was taken several weeks after we adopted our sweet Coco back in August of 2012. He was so sick. Slightly underweight. A bacterial infection in both ears. A severe case of Giardia. The onset of Sarcoptic Mange. After a trip to the doctor, he was put on quite a few medications and a prescription shampoo.

Why would we want to adopt Coco in the condition that he was in? 

You can read all about that here. And I hope you do because it is the start of an incredible story. It ties in with what we went through back then and now. And everything in between. 

Right now. Over 11 years later, Coco is not doing well. He is where Sophie was a year ago. 

Canine Dementia. 

I am keeping this short for now. 

Just read the "you can read about that here" story. 

Coco is where it all began. 

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