Saturday, August 12, 2023

We Are Celebrating Life And Love


This photo hangs on our refrigerator. It was taken in the late 90's. Lisa is in the middle. She was the manager of one of the X-Tra Mart Convenience Store locations in Laconia, New Hampshire. I was her manager in training disguised as Winnie the Pooh. The day this photo was taken, we were helping out with the grand opening of a new location in Massachusetts. 

Yesterday, I posted this photo and caption on my personal Facebook wall...

"Happy Birthday to my incredible wife. Tomorrow. This photo was taken back in the late 90s. Shortly after I threw her a surprise 30th birthday party. Gah! I was Winnie the Pooh. At a store's grand opening. A small chain convenience store, one of which she managed. She was my boss! LOL! Now. She is the big 55! I am still in my 40s. LOL!

All joking aside, you are beyond amazing, smart, funny, the hardest worker I know, the best Dog Mom, and a bazillion more other things. Thank you for everything you do for me, us, and our furry kids. I will always thank you that my someone is you.

I am SO looking forward to our long weekend to celebrate your life and love. And, to spoil you with your favorite meals and desserts. But. More so. Just being in the moment. Exhaling. Embracing the life we have made. One that we don't need a vacation from. Simplicity. I love you to the moon and back and beyond."

In the years prior, Lisa always took her birthday week off. And mine. However, after over 20 years with the previous company she worked for, she bid farewell and is working for another company. She is a month shy of earning a week of vacation. 


She has earned days off. 

Including today. 

We are going to enjoy a long weekend to celebrate her birthday. 

When I asked Lisa if she wanted the usual strawberry cake or cheesecake for her birthday, she said, "Nope." 

She requested a lemon pie. 

That is exactly what she got. And. She loved every single bite. 

We are going to enjoy every single moment with our kids. Scrumptious food. Lots of family snuggle time. 


More so. 

Celebrating life and love. 

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