Tuesday, August 15, 2023

A Little Goes A Long Way


For the past five months, we have been blessed with crossing paths with an incredible lady. Her name is Melissa. However. We refer to her as our favorite "Crazy Chicken Lady." Every other week, we purchase a few dozen farm-fresh eggs from her. These eggs are the best. 

Melissa's Butt Nuggets. 

Today was our week to purchase a few dozen. Instead of 3 dozen, she gave us 4 dozen. 


Because it was Lisa's birthday a few days ago. 

The extra dozen, plus the sweet little note, was a gift. 

I am going to bet that Melissa didn't know how much that gift meant to us and why. 

For Lisa's birthday, she received only 2 cards in the mail. 

One was empty. 

Out of spite. 

My side of the family. 

The other, with a check. 

Thank you so much.

Lisa's side of the family. 

That was it. 


Thank you. 

To our most favorite Crazy Chicken Lady. 

For extending that love and deliciousness. 

We will always appreciate you. 

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