Sunday, August 7, 2022

This Memoir Fell Into My Hands At Just The Right Time...


I am an avid reader. I read every single night. I finished this book a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to give thanks to the Universe. Because. After the past year and a half, I needed to read this memoir. It fell into my hands at just the right time. Why?

As quoted by David Crow (page 337)...

"Then it came to me. 

The only way to be free was to forgive them and forgive myself. 

It was advice I'd heard plenty of times, but on that day in the hotel, I was ready to do it. 

In an instant, I stopped expecting anything from them. 

Their approval, friendship, understanding, empathy, and love. 

And, I stopped believing that Dad and Mom were right about me. 

I didn't want to carry around the burden of longing and guilt of shame anymore. 

I was done.

How else could I ever feel any joy or happiness?

It was as if a light went on inside my brain. 

It had been so simple, something I could have done long ago. 

But no tie is as strong as family, making it the hardest one to break."

In my own words, I am done. 

No anger. 

No hatred. 

No regrets. 

What I feel now is freedom. 

Being able to exhale without choking. 

Not having to mentally prepare for those weekly obligatory phone chats and extending a facade. 

But more so, realizing that being the black sheep of the family is rather badass. 

That. Is. All.

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