Thursday, July 28, 2022

We Are Celebrating 10 Years Today


Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary to US! I can't believe it has been 10 years since I stood face to face. With you. Reading our vows. And saying, "I do." To an amazing woman who, in a few short months this year, I met 25 years ago.

Yeah. My best friend. Soulmate. Dog Mom. Partner in this thing called life. The only person on this planet who gets me. The ONLY person I trust.

Time is a peculiar river. All we have is today. We can plan for tomorrow. Hope for the best. Plan for the worst. Give great thanks to those roots that were planted many moons ago. And. Embrace all of the simple things. That led us to today. Our beautiful home. Our beautiful lil' family. We are living our best life.

But. More so. Extending lots of gratitude. To. The Universe. And, Fate. Those baffling shifts. Those awkward shimmy shakes. All of this took us both to be at the right place. At the right time. After a lengthy separation. A second chance.

There we were. Ten years ago. Amid family and friends. At our Little Brother's house. A place we loved for so many reasons. Surrounded by incredible humans. Family and Friends. Simplicity. Smiles. Tears. Laughter. Scrumptious food. Exceptional music. Drinks. Dancing. Rain. Unity. Common ground. Love. ❤

And, today. You just surprising me with the best gift ever. No details are needed. Except. A gigantic thank you to those who made it possible.

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