Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Handcrafted End Tables, Assembling A Desk, And A Fair-Style Dinner


Due to COVID-19, we didn't make any seasonal items to sell last year. Instead, we made over 70 handcrafted ornaments to hand out to essential employees and beyond to spread Holiday love and cheer. Our plans were to go forth this Spring, but the price of lumber was obnoxious. We made the decision to wait until September. 

Between then and now, we had 2 projects that we wanted to tackle for our home. We wanted to make DIY end tables and a new desk for me. We've kept a close eye on lumber prices over the past few months. 

Lumber prices went down a bit. At the end of last month, Lisa purchased the supplies to make a couple of end tables. Yes, the prices went down, but the wood was still incredibly expensive. We went forth with building and painting the end tables. 


We agreed that it would be cheaper to purchase a desk. I needed a new desk. The one I had was a little too short and small. Over the past few years, it has caused a few issues, especially since adding a second monitor.

I was more than willing to wait until the price of lumber went down, but Lisa was adamant that I pick out a new desk. 

So. I did.

I ordered it online and it was delivered on Saturday. We carried the big and heavy box to our second living room. Lisa took the pieces out of the box. I was in the kitchen. 

It wasn't too long after that I heard, "Are you kidding me? There's a bazillion pieces of hardware to this thing!"

Insert a few F-Bombs...

She brought the hardware to our dining room table. Grabbed 2 of her bento boxes that I use to pack her work dinners. Sat down. And, spent almost a half-hour separating pieces. 

Lisa: Did you see the size of the instruction manual and the amount of hardware? 

Me: Your organizational skills for the hardware and beyond is astounding. You're smart. You can do this.

Lisa: It would have taken less time to go buy the lumber and build a desk for you.

Me: I'm making a gorgeous peach crunch pie for dessert tonight and fresh peach jam. 


Me: For dinner, I'm making fair-style sausage and pepper grinders and onion rings. 


Me: I'm also making blueberry sauce for the fresh-made ice cream tomorrow. 


Me: I love you so much. 


Me: *bats my eyelashes.*

This is the finished desk.

Lisa did a wonderful job with assembling the desk.

I absolutely love it for so many reasons.


Lisa enjoyed our fair-style dinner and dessert.

On a side note, we still have plans to go forth with making our handcrafted Fall and Holiday decor to sell.

Stay tuned...

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