Sunday, August 8, 2021

A Lot Of Questions Answered. Or, At Least I Hope So...


Over the past few weeks, I have received quite a few emails and private messages inquiring about the Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life blog. Lots of questions. 

Why the gaps between columns?

Are you going to update your Facebook pages?

Where did the Bodacious Biscuit Love blog disappear to?

Why haven't you been updating your Facebook pages? 

How come you're not posting a shit ton of furry kid photos?

Why isn't this blog like other Dog Mom blogs?


I am deeply grateful for the concern and to those who have reached out. It honestly means the world to me and us and to our crazy little family.

In a nutshell...

All is good.

I know the word "good" is generic, but honestly, we are living our best life despite that gigantic black cloud otherwise known as COVID-19. 

And, that other black cloud is realizing that a lot of the people who referred to us as "friends who have become family" were referring to the purpose we served. In their life. The conveniences we provided. The help we offered. Etc.


To answer your questions based on my promise to not sugarcoat anything or saturate reality with that white picket fence shit...

I haven't been publishing a lot of blog columns because I've taken a lot of personal time to adjust to our new life. That began in November of 2019 when Lisa looked at me and said, "After the holidays, we're buying a house."

Less than 3 months later, that's exactly what we did. 

Before I go on, please keep in mind that I have published a considerable amount of blog columns regarding all of this and then some. I am not going to link to all of those. Skim through the blog posts within this blog over the years. You'll get the gist of it. 

Since that day, our life has changed. 


For the better.

But again, refer to the above...

In terms of updating my Facebook pages, out of the 3 I have, I'm going to eliminate 2. The only existing one will be Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life. Announcements will be made soon.

So, photos of our furry kids...

Lisa bought me a new camera a while ago. A professional camera. A few months before we bought this house. 

I'm still learning how to use it. 

Be patient. 

I'm still taking photos.

Just not as many because this camera is incredible and I want to learn how to optimize all of the features. 

Another question I want to focus on is why is this Dog Mom Blog not like the rest...?

For starters, the title of this blog is Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life...

It includes Lisa. Myself. Our 4 rescue furry kids.

This world does not need another Dog Mom blog that focuses entirely on educational shit like flea and tick preventative medication, how to prepare your furry kid for a road trip, warnings about hot asphalt during the Summer months, tips, and advice, etc.

If you Google any of that and beyond, you'll find a world of information. 

When I began this blog over 6 years ago, my goal was to provide an insight into our Bodacious Dog Mom life. Our world. Kind of like those thousands of human Mom blog sites that publish raw insights into parenting and everything that surrounds that.

This blog site is written in my voice. As a Work at Home Dog Mom. Our daily life. The happenings. 

Our world revolves around our furry kids. But, there is so much more. We are married. We own a house. We work. We deal with daily trials and tribulations. Discoveries. Making adjustments based on Lisa's work schedule and mine. 

At the end of the day, we make it work. We get through every single day. Together. As a family. It's not always pretty. 

For example, once in a great while, one of our kids eats their late-night snack too fast and we wake up to the sound of puking. Or, before a big seasonal storm, our kids are restless at night and one of us ends up sleeping on the sofa. Or, maybe they all sleep soundly at night and we wake up rested.


I have too much on my mind and I can't sleep. Which is often. And, I end up on the sofa reading a book and fall asleep. I know that if I go back to our bedroom, the kids will bark and wake Lisa up. So, I stay on the sofa. Read. Doze. Wake up to the book falling onto the living room floor.

Despite all of that, and then some, we're still living our best life. 

Day by day.



Everything between. 

This blog was never meant to be sugarcoated or portray that white picket fence life.

And, it won't be. 


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