Monday, December 7, 2020

This Photo Tugged At My Heartstrings, But In A Good Way...


I posted this photo a year ago on my personal Facebook wall. It was a Bodacious 2019 Holiday piece that was part of our Bodacious 12 days of Christmas. It sold almost immediately after I posted it. When it showed up on my Facebook memories, it strummed my heartstrings a bit. But, something else also happened.

I'm not going to lie. I miss making all of the Bodacious Holiday pieces and bundles for our Bodacious 12 Days of Christmas and beyond. Last year and the year before, we made dozens of these snowmen along with other styles. 

These snowmen were time-consuming, but we had so much fun making them. And, they were a huge hit. We sold out of every single snowman we made. 

In that aspect, seeing this photo tugged at my heartstrings. 


Seeing this photo was a bit symbolic for a couple of reasons...

First, this time last year, we knew it was going to be our last Christmas in the home we had rented since July of 2012. We had our reasons and those were etched in granite after a couple of happenings about a month prior. Lisa and I decided to put that aside, get through the holiday season, and shift our focus on buying a house after the first of the year.

That's exactly what we did. 

On January 12th, we toured a house that we fell in love with and knew would be perfect for our family. We made an offer. The sellers accepted. On February 19th, we closed. A few days later, we moved into our forever home.

So, the "Home Sweet Home" plaque on the front of this snowman was symbolic. 

Second, we ended up making one of these snowmen this year for a family.

To back up a bit, toward the end of last month, I made the announcement that instead of selling our Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments, pieces, and bundles, we were going to gift them to essential employees, friends, and beyond. 

This year has been difficult for a lot of people. Instead of selling them, we wanted to gift them to spread lots of Holiday love and cheer. 

When I made that announcement on my personal Facebook wall, a sweet lady that we know replied. She wanted an ornament. I responded, but she had deleted her reply. I immediately reached out. 

I told her that we would be more than happy to make her a personalized ornament for her human family and their furkids. Then, Lisa and I had a great idea. We wanted to make one of these snowmen with a plaque for her family and an ornament for the furry kids.

Lisa cut and sanded the pieces in her woodshop. I worked my magic in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop, crocheted the hat and scarf, detailed the plaque with personalized snowmen for each human member of the family, and coated it with a semi-gloss varnish. Then, I made a separate personalized ornament for their furry kids. 

We will be delivering both pieces tomorrow and we are so excited to do this. 

This sweet lady has had a rough year all the way around and we know both pieces are going to bring a little Christmas cheer.

Finishing these pieces also got us excited about the 70+ Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments and pieces that are already done. 

In other news, our kitchen makeover began today...

Stay tuned! 

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