Friday, May 7, 2021

We Have Been In Full Swing With Projects And More Projects


I haven't published a blog column in a while. I should be weighed down with guilt. But. I'm not. We have spent the past couple of weeks working on a multitude of projects. 

For starters, over a month ago, a dear friend of ours gifted us quite a few decorative outdoor pieces. She moved out of state a week ago. 

Most of the pieces are antique. Some, not as old, but they were built from reclaimed barn wood from the 1800s. But, they all had one thing in common. They all needed to be restored. 

Like this wagon. 

Lisa cleaned it up and I worked my magic in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop with primer and paint for both the metal and wood.

This gorgeous tricycle also got a makeover. It was a challenge because 90% of it was rusted. We gave it a gentle cleaning and a brush down. 

Then, I had an afternoon love affair. Outdoors. With Rust-Oleum spray paint and painter's tape. We were both impressed with the outcome.

Another metal piece that we restored was this large gorgeous metal planter bicycle. It was weathered. The paint was chipping. A good portion of it was rusted. 

But. We brought this beauty back to life with a good cleaning, primer, and a generous coat of black Rust-Oleum spray paint. 

Amid those projects, we worked on these pieces. They were in pretty poor shape, but we saw potential and were up for the challenge. 

We were unable to save the "hello spring" lettering. The original A-frames were completely rotted from the elements. Lisa rebuilt them a little shorter. She also sanded the birdhouses and flowers.

I worked my magic in my workshop with fresh paint and detailing. We were head over heels in love with how they came out. They'll definitely be making an appearance in the front of our house in the flower beds this weekend.

This was another outdoor piece that was weathered and needed a lot of TLC. We knew this piece could be restored into something beautiful. We gave it a good cleaning and I worked my magic with primer, paint, and detailing. 

It took most of the week to complete, but it's finally done and we're loving it. This is another piece that will be making an appearance in one of our yards. 

These aren't the only things we have been working on. 

There's more.

Lots more. 

But, as I always say...

Stay tuned...

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