Sunday, May 16, 2021

I Am Here. Working. But, It Has Not Been From My Desk...


Before I get into the bulk of this blog column, I'm going to take ownership of something. Inhale. Exhale. Okay, here it is. I have completely slacked on writing daily blog columns last month and especially this month. The guilt is setting in. However. There is a reason for this. 

We have been spending a considerable amount of time restoring outdoor pieces and landscaping. During the week, I've been in my Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop most of the time. 

On the weekends, Lisa and I have been outside. I'm usually working on restoring the pieces that require spray-on paint. Lisa tackles the most tedious of the landscaping. 

Last month, our dear friend gave us quite a few outdoor pieces to restore and a couple of indoor pieces. We've been working on restoring those pieces and have most of them done. You can take a look at those here

During that time, we were gifted a vintage Bistro Set that needed some TLC and a home. We had the perfect spot for it in one of our yards. 

After a good wash, scrape, a coat of primer, and a coat of paint, it is. It took a couple of days to restore this beauty, but it was worth every minute. 

Put all of that aside...

The real show stopper here has been the amount of landscaping we have done over the past month.

Lisa deserves most of the credit for the landscaping.

We wanted to tackle the landscaping last Spring, but we had just bought our house. We wanted to wait and see what we had and let everything cycle throughout the seasons. 

You can read about that here

Aside from taking the fruit trees down and decorating that corner of our yard, we also had our cherry tree removed. 

Once that was done, it was full speed ahead. 

When we bought our house in February of 2020, this is what the side and front of our house looked like. 

Here is what it looks like now...

We are beyond head over heels in love.

It took a lot of time.

A lot of work.

A lot of sore muscles.

We still have a few more pieces of restored outdoor decor that we'll be adding. 

And, we're planting a lot of flowers that will burst with color over the Summer.

But, for the most part, we're almost done.

We are proud of what we have done and the final touches that will be added in the weeks ahead.

On a more personal note...

I have enjoyed this time outside. 

With Lisa. 

Working on the outside of our home and restoring pieces that mean the world to us. 

It has been a nice break from sitting at my desk.

I'm going to give myself the rest of this month to lighten up on the blog columns. 

It's been refreshing.

After almost 15 years of spending considerable time at my desk. 


On social media.

Plugged in.

This has been a much needed break. 

Starting June 1st...

You'll be hearing from me daily. 

And, I'll have a mountain of desk work to catch up on.

Until then, stay tuned...

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