Thursday, April 1, 2021

We Have A New Addition To Our Home Office And Our Kids Are Loving It


We have a new addition to our home office. A dog bed for our kids. It's the first bed, out of many, that is not made out of wood. There is a story behind why this happened.

One of our favorite humans recently sold her house and she's moving far away at the end of this month. Over 12 hours away. She has been packing the house she has lived in for well over a decade. 

She used to own a business with her friend. They made gorgeous primitive indoor and outdoor decor out of old barn wood. They are both exceptionally talented. Lisa and I have several pieces they made throughout our house.

Our friend will be renting a condo where she is moving to. She is not able to take her primitive outdoor decor with her along with a few indoor items. She is handing them down to us because she knows we will restore the pieces and they'll be loved.

We visited her the other day to collect most of the outdoor pieces. After we packed our vehicle with our special treasures, we enjoyed grinders and wine inside. 

Before leaving, we went downstairs to the basement because our friend wanted to show us some items. At one point, she picked up this antique metal doll-sized bedframe and asked, "Do you want this?" I could tell she really loved this piece and it was hard to part with, but she knew we'd restore it into something beautiful.

I said, "Yes..."

Our friend is a lot like us. She sees beauty in pieces like this. 

I cleaned it up. Primed it. Gave it 2 coats of primitive black satin paint. Then, I made a mattress, patchwork quilt, and a dog bone pillow. It took a couple of days, but we are head over heels in love with how it turned out. 

Our kids took to the new bed immediately. Within a day, all 4 of our kids tried out the new bed. They love it.

As with every DIY dog bed that we've made, our kids tend to have their favorites. The new dog bed almost instantly became Lobo's new favorite bed. 

On many occasions throughout the day, Willa will try to get on the bed with Lobo for a nappy time snuggle. 

But, that doesn't usually last too long. Willa gives up her efforts in stretching out with Lobo.

On occasion, Coco has gotten on the bed, but for a very short period of time. He's not a huge fan of dog beds. He much prefers our bed or the sofa. 

We haven't been able to capture a photo of him on the bed yet, but we will...

Our friend was completely impressed with what we did with the bed frame. 

And, she can't wait to see what we're going to do with the many other pieces she passed down to us. 

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