Tuesday, March 30, 2021

What Did Not Work Months Ago Ended Up Working For Us Now


A few months after we bought our house in 2020, Lisa got a promotion at work. She worked hard for it over the years. Prior to applying for it, we discussed the change it would entail. Her work schedule. Instead of working the first shift, she would be working mid-shift. 

Mid-shift was 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. 

It was not a long discussion because I knew Lisa wanted this position. I told her that we would adjust and make it happen. 

I was extremely proud of her. 

For the most part, mid-shift was great. We no longer had to get up in the wee hours of the morning. Lisa didn't come home from work exhausted. And, on the weekends, we still got up early.

There was one drawback. 

One of the big responsibilities of mid-shift was covering the first or second shift management when they took days off, vacations, or called in sick. 

We learned this prior to Lisa's vacation last August. One week she worked the first shift. The following week she worked the second shift. The week before her vacation, she worked mid-shift, however on one of those days, the second shift called out sick. 

It was finally Friday. The day before Lisa's vacation started. She was exhausted. So was I. We had a few projects that we wanted to begin that weekend, however, we were exhausted. It took a couple of days to recuperate.

In the months to follow, there were very few weeks when Lisa worked an entire full week of her mid-shift schedule. During these months, Lisa and I both agreed that we hated the second shift schedule. When Lisa had to cover this schedule, I dreaded it for so many reasons. 

We both did. 

On top of that, our kids had a difficult time adjusting too. They don't like change. They notice if something is off. Meal and snack times were a bit challenging. More so, when Lisa didn't get home at her regular mid-shift time, the kids didn't know what was going on. I spent a lot of time on the floor, our bed, and the sofa. Giving belly rubs and snuggling with the kids. Trying to explain things. 

In January, Lisa was asked if she would be willing to cover the second shift for a month or so due to staffing issues. We talked about it. Once again, my attitude was, "We'll make it work."

And, we did.

The first couple of weeks were trying. We were not used to going to bed in the wee hours of the morning and sleeping until mid to late morning. Neither were our kids.


After a few weeks, we noticed a change. Lisa working the second shift wasn't so...bad.

Our kids actually adjusted to it long before we did. That included their outdoor time, playtime, meals, snacks, and everything between.

Lisa and I probably would have admitted to this sooner than later, but we're stubborn women. Neither one of us wanted to admit that having a set schedule was rather...awesome.

In a lot of ways, I think Lisa and I continued the facade of despising the second shift out of habit. But. Beneath the surface, we were kind of enjoying the comfort of having a set routine of sorts.

Right around that same time, Lisa was presented with the option to permanently move to work the second shift. She dropped hints here and there. 

Again, we're both stubborn women. Neither one of us wanted to admit that we liked the shift that we once declared was the most miserable shift.


We had that conversation.

Sure, the second shift is an odd shift and, as a family, we've had to make a lot of adjustments. 


We focused on the single most important thing for us and our little family. 


We have adjusted.

Our kids have adjusted.

Our bodies have adjusted.

Sure, that means we won't be rising and shining at 6 in the morning on the weekends.

And, we probably won't be ready for bed at 8 or 9 at night.


For now, this is working for us and our family.

That's okay.

A blessing in disguise.


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