Thursday, March 4, 2021

Our Kids Are Loving Their Homemade Loaded Meatball Treats


If you have kept up with this blog, or know us personally, you know that we make our kids homemade meals and treats. Over the years, our kids let us know that their favorite treats are the meatballs we make for them. Sure, they love the occasional homemade sweet dog treat. But. We don't give them a lot of sweet treats. Those are saved for special occasions like Gotcha Days and Holidays.

Originally, their favorite meatball treats consisted of peanut butter, eggs, flour, water, baking powder, and cooked, finely diced boneless chicken breasts. We usually made a few batches so we'd have lots of extra to stash in the freezer.

These meatballs freeze amazingly well.

A couple of months ago, I began experimenting with adding other ingredients to their favorite meatballs. In addition to the regular ingredients, I began adding shredded carrots, cooked lean ground beef, shredded apples, mashed bananas, cooked ground shrimp, and/or mashed sweet potatoes.

Big. Huge. Hit. 

Our kids can't get enough of these homemade meatballs that are packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients. 

One of the things I learned during my "break from desk stuff" is that I need to update the page that includes all of the homemade dog treat recipes that we have created. 

That will happen soon. 

Until then, you can view all of the homemade treats that we have created over the past few years right here

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