Friday, March 5, 2021

When Mother Nature Gets Angry, I Work Online From Our Dining Room Table

Earlier this week, Mother Nature doled out some rather angry weather in the form of wind. Prior to this wind storm, I kept my eye on weather updates. We live in New England. Storm patterns can change at the last minute. However, this storm didn't budge. 

Our kids hate wind storms. Coco gets restless. Sophie will hide behind the sofa or in the bathroom. Lobo paces from dog bed to dog bed. Willa lays across my feet. 

The worst of this storm was predicted to hit while Lisa was at work.

Lisa is currently working the 2nd shift.

The house that we bought in February of 2020 is much larger than the home we rented for almost 8 years. Over the past year, I learned early on that our kids do much better if I do my online work from our dining room table. 

Our dining room is pretty much the centralized location of our house.

On days of inclement weather, when I am home alone with the kids, we make a few alterations before Lisa leaves for work. 

That includes...

Moving my laptop from the home office to the dining room table.

Moving the 2 dog beds that we have in the home office to the dining room area adding to the existing dog bed we have in the dining room.

Putting the Coleman battery-operated lantern on the kitchen counter.

Making sure we have our biggest flashlight within arm's reach on the dining room table. 

That's what happened before Lisa left for work on Monday.

Our preparations paid off.

Sophie, Lobo, and Willa stretched out on the 3 dog beds in the dining room. 

Because I was working from the dining room table, they relaxed. I was right there. They felt safe.

Coco curled up on the sofa in our main living room which is the next room.

I snapped this photo of Lobo during the storm. He felt safe. I was at the dining room table working. He fell asleep.

The wind was horrible.

At one point, almost before it was completely dark outside, we lost power for 3-4 minutes. I was at the point of thinking that our power would be out for a while. 

Thankfully, that wasn't the case. 

Lisa arrived home from work before the storm peaked at its worst. 

It was a wild ride that night. 

We didn't much sleep. 

We kept our fingers and paws crossed that we didn't lose power.

We didn't. 

A lot of people in our state did along with surrounding states.

The following morning, we moved everything back to where it belongs.

Until the next storm...

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