Saturday, February 13, 2021

This Surprise Bouquet Of Homemade Valentine's Day Cookie Pops Made Our Day


Earlier today, Lisa and I were amid our typical weekend morning routine. I was in the home office. Lisa had already made and served breakfast to our kids. She was frying bacon when we heard a knock on our side door. 

Lisa went to the door and I heard a cheerful welcome and exchange of a quick conversation. I couldn't make out the entire conversation, but I did hear her say thank you several times. 

Moments later, Lisa walked into the home office with this gorgeous bouquet of homemade Valentine's Day cookie pops. They were personally delivered by the sweet lady who made them. Someone who works at Lisa's place of employment. 

We were both completely shocked!

And, I'm not embarrassed to admit that we were like little kids. 


Sampling all of the cookies. 

Sharing the pup-friendly cookies with our kids.

This was a big deal to us and our kids.

For so many reasons. 

At the top of our List O' Reasons is this...

We simply just needed this.

The past year has been a whirlwind of change.

I'm not going to link to every single blog column that I have published that reflects on these changes over the past year.

Or describes them in detail. 

If you have read this blog over the past year or more, you will know what I'm talking about. 

If not, make a cup of coffee or tea or pour a glass of wine and catch up.

What I will say upfront is this...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. 

It is the last of the "first holidays" in the house we bought last February.

In less than a week, we will be celebrating our 1 Year House-A-Versary. 

A week from today, we're having an overnight visitor.

Someone special who we have not seen in over 8 years.


This will be a time when we will be almost unplugged.

Lots of great stuff is happening...

Whether it's in the form of deep conversations.

Pieces that we've made.

Plans we are making.

Connections we are strengthening. 

As I always say, stay tuned...

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