Sunday, February 14, 2021

Simple Can Be Delicious


Lisa and I are a little unconventional when it comes to celebrating certain holidays, birthdays, and our anniversary. For Christmas, we don't exchange gifts between the two of us. Instead, we surprise each other with "just because" gifts throughout the year. Another holiday we step out of the box for is Valentine's Day. 

We don't exchange cards or gifts. 

There are no roses, shiny jewelry, chocolates, or a fancy dinner at a restaurant with a limited Valentine's Day menu. 

However, we do enjoy a special dinner at home with our kids. 

It's always something that Lisa and I make together. 

And, I always include a dessert that teeters on the line of time-consuming. 


This year, Lisa completely surprised me with one of my favorite desserts.

What topped the charts is that she made it.


At first, I was stumped.

Lisa very seldom cooks.

She does not bake.

When she told me that she was making dessert and it was a surprise, I was curious.

I tried to get her to tell me what she was making, but she stood her ground.

Lisa googled how to make this particular dessert and she told me to stay out of the kitchen while she made it. She wanted to get it done before we prepped our dinner.


Within a half-hour, she put the tray in the oven and that was that.

When the kitchen timer went off, she called me into the kitchen. 

On the counter, was a tray of one of my favorite desserts.

Puff pastry chocolate turnovers.

I was speechless.

To back up a bit, I've never made chocolate turnovers. I've made fruit turnovers. But, not chocolate even though they're my favorite.

On occasion, if I wanted to indulge, I'd buy the Pepperidge Farm puff pastry chocolate turnovers.

Many moons ago, we could always find them at our local grocery store. However, sadly, a few years ago, they disappeared.

I haven't had one since.

But still, on occasion, I would crave them.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought up the topic of chocolate turnovers.

Lisa remembered that.

Even though she's not a baker and she has no interest in becoming a baker, she researched how to make them so she could surprise me today.

It was quite a surprise.

For us, this is what Valentine's Day is all about.

Those sweet lil' surprises.

That happened yesterday too

One of our favorite mantras is, "Keep Life Simple."

Simple is best.

And sometimes, the most delicious.

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