Monday, February 1, 2021

Mother Nature Is Pounding Us, But...


Mother Nature is currently pounding our area with a substantial nor'easter. The prediction is 8-14 inches of snow and 40-60 mph wind gusts. There is a possibility that at the end of the nor'easter, the precipitation could switch over to sleet and rain.

It's brutal outside. 


Inside our home, it's warm and cozy.

Coco is on our bed snuggled under all of the blankets because he loves blanket forts.

Sophie is curled up on the sofa covered up with one of her favorite blankets.

Lobo and Willa (featured photo) are sound asleep on the home office dog bed all warm and toasty under a plush blanket.

Lisa is at work.

That ramps up my anxiety to a whole other level because I know the ride home is going to be dangerous and challenging.

I'm at my desk. 

Writing this blog column. 

The winds are picking up. 

We've had enough wind storms here for me to recognize the sounds of harsh wind gusts.

Lisa and were both born and raised in New Hampshire.

We know how to drive in this shit. 


Not everyone does and that's when I worry.

We live in the quiet corner of Connecticut.

Not all roads are plowed right away during a major nor'easter. 

Even the best of drivers can get stuck on the side of the road.

I made sure Lisa left with items to provide warmth just in case.

We made sure that we were prepared for this storm.

But it doesn't matter how much you prepare for something.

Our motto is always...

Prepare for the worst.

Hope for the best.


Exhale slowly.

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