Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Very Old Cutting Board Got A Makeover This Week...


My exceptionally talented brother made a cutting board in his Middle School days. Over 30 years ago. Back when metal and woodshop were mandatory classes in school. 

My Mom kept it until many moons ago when she passed it down to us. We always kept it displayed in our kitchen. I used his handcrafted cutting board often to display and photograph my baked goods.  Because it offered that rustic charm. I don't think he knew this. 

But then. 

Over the years. It got a bit dingy from wear and tear. 

When we bought our house last February, we wanted to keep this piece displayed, but it needed a little bit of life and love. 


Lisa cleaned it up and gave it a good sanding in her woodshop. 

I applied several coats of paint. 

Lisa distressed it. 

Then. I worked a lil' magic with detailing that included one of our favorite mantras. And, a sprig of primitive berries. 

I hung it in our kitchen tonight. 

It looks incredible.

But more so, it's a constant reminder to us both.

Keep Life Simple.

We're both humans.

The past year has been incredible on so many levels. 

However, we've had those heavy sprinkles of darkness and trying times...


The stress of Lisa being an essential employee.

Last Spring and early Summer when grocery store shelves were bare and it was a struggle to find essential items like flour and toilet paper and chicken and eggs.

Our state essentially shutting down.

The deaths of a few family members and friends.

Our tribe getting much smaller.

Realizing that our place in a few people's lives, who considered us family, was merely just for convenience.

The list goes on.

Sometimes, we allowed people's true colors to get the best of us. 


Keep Life Simple.

Lisa and I had many conversations in December about the good and the not-so-good and the stuff that pinged at our heartstrings.

We agreed that we were going to head into the new completely embracing...

Keep Life Simple.

Giving this treasured cutting board a makeover and detailing it with our favorite mantra seemed fitting.

It's in the perfect spot.

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