Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Our Kids Have Their Own Way Of Teaching Us A Thing Or Two


It's late. Lisa is at work. Lobo decided to he wanted to chill on my desk with me for a bit. So. That's what happened about an hour ago while I was writing blog columns. Typing with him on my desk is a bit challenging so I took a break and switched to the silly match 3 games I occasionally play. 

I adore these distractions for so many reasons, especially since Lisa is covering a different shift for the next month or so.

Since Monday of last week, I've been focused on adapting to this schedule. Trying to stay focused. Adapt. Focus. Adapt. Focus. 

Our kids adapted almost immediately. 

Lisa and I are still in awe. 

During these challenging periods, I have no doubt that our kids are trying to teach us both a thing or two.


They're always right there when I need a distraction most.

Or, they simply know when I need a few extra juicy kisses or snuggle time or playtime.

Or, more coffee or tea.

They all amaze us each and every single day.

And, we learn from them too.

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