Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A Year Ago Today We Began The Process Of Packing


A year ago, right around this time, we began the process of packing up the home we had rented for almost 8 years. A week prior, our realtor gave us a tour of a house that we fell in love with and knew instantly that it would be perfect for our little family. We made an offer in the morning. That evening, the sellers accepted our offer.

The following week, we gathered dozens of moving boxes and purchased lots of packing tape. While Lisa was at work, I packed. 

At the time, our home transpired into a storage area for wall decor and boxes that were packed, taped, and labeled. 

We had to pack in stages because all of our kids are sensitive to change. 

You can read about all of our packing adventures for the month of January 2020 here

From the time the sellers accepted our offer and the day we closed on our house, it was a total of 5 weeks. 

We were supposed to close on February 12th, but the IRS sent the wrong requested document. By the time that was discovered and the time it took to request the correct one, and that following Monday being a holiday (President's Day)...

Our closing day was a week later than planned.

All of this is surfacing in my brain because we're less than a month away from celebrating our 1 year House-A-Versary. I'm reflecting on what was happening a year ago and where we are now. 

Even though it's been almost a year, we're still in awe.

A year ago today, I was packing our home.

Today, we're living our best life and we have gotten so many projects done both inside and outside. 

We are grateful and humbled.

And, we will always be thankful for those Universal shifts and shimmy shakes.

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