Sunday, November 1, 2020

Out With The Old. In With The New.


This photo is of our dining room. After we painted it last month. The walls were previously all white. Now, it's a gorgeous shade of primitive green and yellow. You can view the before and after photos here. Even after painting, we knew something else needed to change. 

Our dining room table and chairs. 

This is another one of those "let me set the stage" moments...

A few years ago, we traded a table and chairs with a friend of ours who is now an ex-friend. 

When we bought our house in February, it came with us.

But, in the months to follow, as much as we used to love this dining room table, we began to despise it. 

It was a reminder on so many levels. 

We didn't talk about it.


We felt it.

Negative energy. 

So, I began checking out the Facebook Marketplace for dining room sets.

A particular set caught our attention. 

It was originally marked for $750. That included the table, table leaf, 6 chairs, and a buffet. It was marked down significantly. 

When I first showed Lisa, we both loved it, but...

In the days to follow, the seller kept posting it at different prices. 

It became a standing joke because we thought it was a scam. 


A few days ago, it was reposted again.

When I checked the Marketplace this morning, it was marked down ridiculously. 

Lisa and I decided to reach out to the seller.

Still available. 

The sellers were moving and needed it gone. 

We reached out to an acquaintance of ours who has a truck and an able-bodied son. 

Long story short, we had a truck and their able-bodied son.

I baked homemade cookies. 

Later this afternoon, Lisa and the son of our acquaintance ventured off.

The sellers were super kind. They sold their house. The house they were supposed to move into fell through. They had purchased a new dining room set for their house. Which, had to be put into storage. 

We thanked them. 

The dining room table and chairs and buffet also came with the roll of fabric they had upholstered the chairs with.

It's obvious this is an antique set that was very much loved and taken care of. 

Lots of positive energy. 

So, here is our dining room now with the new table, chairs, and buffet. The walls look lighter, but that's only because of the ceiling fan light. 

The before photo is at the beginning of this blog column. 

We are exceptionally grateful for the kind humans who sold this to us and those who helped us get it from point A to point B. 

We are in love with our new dining room and all of the positive energy it radiates within our house and home. 

Good riddance to the old.

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