Monday, November 2, 2020

Our Kids Missed The Big Blue Chair. We Did Too.


I took this photo on November 8th of 2018. It was about an hour after a very good friend of ours delivered this chair to our home. It was a day or so after she had posted the chair on her Facebook wall. Free. At the time, we were looking for a comfortable chair for our living room. Our kids immediately fell in love with the chair, especially Coco and Willa.

In February, we bought a house. This chair came with us. We put it in our main living room. Most of the time, it was occupied by either Coco or Willa.

I took this photo of Coco a few weeks after we moved in. He was taking his afternoon nap on the big blue chair covered in his favorite blanket. 

This photo was taken over the Summer. Willa loves to stretch out on the big blue chair especially if there is a pillow on it.

On occasion, Lisa and I have talked about getting a sectional sofa for the main living room and putting our existing sofa, that we bought a few years ago, in the second living room. 

We also talked about getting rid of the big blue chair because of the entertainment center Lisa built in August with a huge nappy nook for the kids

Last month, a young lady friend of ours was moving into her first apartment. In addition to making her a couple of new apartment care packages, we offered her the chair. She said yes. 

Lisa used our upholstery steam cleaner and gave the chair a thorough cleaning. She put the big blue chair in our second living room and gated it so the kids wouldn't have access to it. 

For about a day, I liked the open space on that side of our living room. 

After that, it seemed too empty. 

I knew that Coco and Willa missed the big blue chair.

A couple of weeks after our young lady friend moved into her apartment, we learned that her living room was too small for the big blue chair.

Last weekend, Lisa moved the big blue chair back into our main living room. 

I was happy to see it back in its spot.

I was even happier to see Coco and Willa laying together on the chair and Willa falling asleep on her back on the chair. 

I wasn't able to get photos at the time. 

Right around the same time, Lisa mentioned that she had missed the big blue chair being there.

So did I.

Coco and Willa did too.

The big blue chair will probably be there indefinitely. 

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